Take a peak in our laser cut studio in Greenville, South Carolina

Take a peak in our laser cut studio in Greenville, South Carolina

Summer isn't even here yet, but we are super busy with making custom laser cut name signs for our awesome customers. We thought you may appreciate a few pics of our process. I am sharing a few today, and I will share more at a later date (I didn't get a chance to take a picture of our two laser cutters in actions!).

Here is a recently painted gold name sign. We love this particular font. You can buy this style in this link.

This picture shows the shell of the above gold Annelyse sign, after it is taken out of our laser cutter.

Our cabinet of spray paint colors. Many of these are not used for name signs, but instead are used for custom business signs (did you know we make those too?....you can see more of our work at www.ppointlaser.com)

packing a sign for Fed Ex

We carefully pack our names signs. We have 5 years experience packing delicate items, and we follow strict methods to ensure breakages are very unlikely.

a sign waiting for Fed Ex

We ship anywhere from 4 to 15 signs a day, depending on how busy we are. We  also ship all over the world. Fed Ex is our preferred shipping partner. These signs are the beginning of a pile of shipments waiting for a Fed Ex pick up.

Thanks for checking out our process!  Stay tuned for pics of our laser cutters in action!

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