Making Your Sign Shine

Making Your Sign Shine




The nursery is prepared! You took all this time picking that perfect color. The wallpaper looks even better than you ever imagined it. The curtains are up. The hours you spent sifting through indecipherable instructions have paid off. The crib looks solid!

And now it is time for that on last detail. That finishing touch that makes the whole space feel just right. The cherry on top. It is time to hang your newborn's name sign over the crib.

Oh, oh! Where's the hardware? There aren't any instructions? How do I get this thing up there?

No worries. A few well placed wall nails in the right spots is all it takes. The material is light enough that it should cause no danger to your precious little bundle of joy once he/she is introduced to his/her new sleeping quarters. Some picture hanging nails will be just right for the job. We don't recommend hammering the nails through the material of the sign. At 6 mm, the material for your sign might fracture. Even 12 mm wood can potentially fracture or crack if you hammer a nail in to it. Those unique artistic swirls in the font you meticulously picked out may be gorgeous, but they are fragile! Your lovely investment would be ruined!

Rather, hang your sign by putting the nails through the counters of the letters (the holes naturally present in the characters). Take special care that the nails are properly hammered in and that there is no give. If a nail slips down from an over-sized hole, or if there is too much give your sign has the potential of falling. Once again your beautiful work of art, your child's wonderful name, could be ruined. 

With a little care your sign should hang properly for as long as you want to keep it displayed. 

Another option is to use command strips (small Velcro tabs). The signs are light enough to be suspended using this technique, but you do run the risk of tearing paint off you walls if you decide to change the location of your sign. We recommend sticking to the nails when possible! 

If you like the lovely sign above (the photo was submitted by one of our wonderful customers) you can find it at this link.



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