Custom Baby Name Sign Online Shop

Custom Baby Name Sign Online Shop

Hi everyone! It's been a while since we have talked about ourselves. So I thought it was time for a little re-introduction. This shop, The Gilded Line, has been in business primarily making custom laser cut baby name signs since 2014. 

Sofia Sayer Taylors Mill

We are a small business, currently a husband and wife team: Bill and Sofia. We started off with one small laser cutter before we opened this shop, and a few years later expanded to a larger laser cutter....which enabled us to make larger items like our custom baby name signs.  We make other custom laser cut signs too, you can find some in our shop our custom engagement wedding sign.

We are happy to say we continued to get orders through the pandemic! We have adapted and are excited to see the future of our company.

Sofia Sayer Taylors Mill Picture

Our company is located in an old textile mill in Taylors, South Carolina (The Taylors Mill). The Gilded Line is under the umbrella of our founding company, Pinpoint Creative Studio.  You can check out our website to see what else we do, primarily custom laser cut business signs.

Thank you for reading a little about us!

custom baby name sign shop

We will get back to work now, and keep making you signs like the above best seller.  If you are interested in this style, click on the photo to shop it.

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