Hello everyone! Sofia is March 24, 2020. I am writing this blog post to let you all know we are still open for business during this difficult time for our world of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We are a family run business, operating lasers since 2014, and making our famous baby name signs since 2016. We love what we do, and have no plans to stop :)

We operate out of Greenville, South Carolina. Our city is small, and luckily the virus has not affected us too much so far. The biggest change that we are experiencing is our schools are closed, so our small girls have assignments they are completing with us at work while we continue with our business. Fed Ex is still picking up from our location and shipping orders Mon-Fri as usual.

If you have any questions please reach out! We try to answer emails every business day, but please understand if it takes us a little longer to answer because of adjusting to this strange time in our lives:

You can reach Sofia at

and Bill at

Stay healthy of mind and body everyone!

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