Baby Name Trends 2017

At the current moment we have custom nursery name sign orders for such an interesting variety of names: Ellery, Ameena, Nico, Doree, Vivien, Kaia, Gianna, Bianca, Briggs, Kira, Maya, Adeline, Leandro, Mia, Lucy, and so many more. Do we see trends in names? Sometimes we think we do! We will have a few weeks in which we get lots of orders for a name like "Adeline"....but then the seemingly popular name will not be popular anymore, and another may take it's place. 

I am in my thirties (I don't think you need to know exactly how old!) and when I grew up the popular names were Stephanie, Rachel, Rebecca, Meghan, Jason, David. And my name is Sofia. Sofia was NOT a popular name when I was young, and now it is soooo popular.

My husband and I started up this business almost 3 years ago. Since then our family has grown plus 2 little girls: Cora and Ayla. Although we rarely get orders for these names, I do think there is a trend for shorter names....and names that end with "a"