5 Modern Nursery Decor Ideas

5 Modern Nursery Decor Ideas

So you have a baby on the way! And you are itching to decorate your nursery. You know you have a modern aesthetic, but where do you start? There is such great inspiration for nursery decor on pinterest. Try seaching "modern nursery decor ideas" and you will get thousands of results! Here are our top 5 modern nursery styles.

1. Neon Nursery Decor

neon nursery sign and baby room decor

Our neon pink acrylic baby name sign (it can also look orange or red depending on how the light hits it) looks fantastic in a boy, girl, or gender neutral nursery. We love how our sign looks in combination with the bright colors in this modern nursery. Click on the image to shop this style. 

2. Bohemian Nursery Decor

Bohemian Nursery Decor Inspo

Bohemian nursery decorations involve rattan, wicker, plants, soft colored florals, and soft fabrics. This bohemian style nursery leans towards a feminine touch, but bohemian style nursery decor is excellent for boy and gender neutral nurseries too!

3. Modern White Nursery Decor

Modern White Nursery Room Decorations

Keeping it simple in your nursery with white and light colors will always make a nursery room look modern and bright. White nursery decor is great for girl, boy, and gender neutral baby rooms. Our white baby name sign looks fantastic against this light gray wall in a girl's nursery room. Click on the image to shop this style.

4. Colorful Geometric Modern Art Nursery Decor

Colorful Geometric Modern Art Nursery Decor

The above image is from Crate and Barrel. This modern nursery features colorful geometric art on the wall and in the crib bedding. We love the contrast of the black crib with the saturated colors of the art and the white walls and floor. Everything pops, yet feels so modern! 

5. Black and White Modern Nursery Decor

black and white modern nursery decor ideas

Hello black and white nursery! Hello modern nursery decor with a luxury touch! We love how our customer hung our mirrored baby name sign over their modern white crib (with clear acrylic lucite panels!). Fantastic all around. Click this image to shop this mirror name style.

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