Six 2017 Nursery Trends that will stick in 2018

Six 2017 Nursery Trends that will stick in 2018

Trends come, go, sit, stay, reverse, come back years later....or turn into a timeless must have item.  We all know when a trend in forming. You start seeing it pop up on instagram, then maybe see it in a store or two, then BAM! A week later it’s all over pinterest, target has five different versions of it, and it seems like everyone you know has it and it has suddenly become a number one priority that you have to buy. We are here to talk about the ones that are so good, we aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. 

 1. Crib Canopies

I hope this trend stays forever. It looks cool. It’s cozy. It’s cute. I had a canopy over my bed as a kid in the 90’s and now they are back, new and improved. They have become so popular that they come in so many different styles so you could have one in your nursery no matter what the theme of the nursery is. It seems that white, light pink, and burnt orange are the recent most popular colors. Let’s take a look.


2. Tee Pees

In our extremely politically correct time, I do not know how someone has not gotten upset about every other nursery having a little tee pee in it with non Native American babies in them. Moms need to get these while they can because I think we all have to admit, tee pees are where it is at.  



3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and I have a feeling that it is here to stay. No more ugly floral print bathroom wallpaper from your grandma’s house. Instead... adorable hipster baby wallpaper whose room is ten times cooler than yours will ever be. The key difference between then and now is to have one accent wall with the wall paper or even have the ceiling with wallpaper. Proof is in the pics.



4. Animal Heads

Somehow the traditional killing of animals, decapitation, stuffing, and mounting them on our walls for all our guests to see... is now cute and a must have in your nursery! I don’t know how we got this to work, but it does. You can’t look at these nursery animals heads and not smile, you will definitely want one for your little ones.




5. Sleepy Eyes

We don't know where this one originated from, but the sleepy eye trend is pretty darn cute. We now have these in our shop in silver and mirror acrylic! Seriously, ours are the best (yes, we like to brag sometimes) can see your reflection in our sleepy eyes!


6. Custom Name Signs

Custom name signs are the perfect way to add that extra special touch to your nursery (who else is going to have the same name, in the same font, and in the same color....with the same exact decorations in their nursery)? Yes, this is what we do. We make the best custom name signs. Here are examples we have made in our customer rooms since 2015.

Gold Mirror Custom Name SignGold Above the Crib Girl Name SignBoy Custom Name Sign for Wall Decor

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